Here’s a few things to look for when hiring a PPC management company:

  • Make sure they are a Google Partner and Bing Ads Professional.  Google says “A Google third-party partner can save you and your business a lot of time and energy. For best results, we encourage you to stay informed, involved, and up-to-speed on your ad campaigns, and let your partner handle the time-consuming work.”
  • Trust experience - An experienced PPC management company is knowledgeable in AdWords management and knows PPC management.  Don’t trust a rookie with your PPC management.
  • Demand transparency - Never work blindly with a PPC management company.  It’s critical that you own the account and maintain all the work done.  You pay only for the cost of the advertising, and pay the PPC management company for the time and work.
  • OnShore vs. OffShore Service - No offense to other countries or languages, but there’s something about working with a US based PPC management company like Internet Expert Online.  Our native language is English, we know the culture and the country.
  • Big vs Boutique PPC management - Big isn’t always better, especially with PPC management.  With a big PPC management company, you’ll work with customer service reps, salespeople and employees, who may be there today and gone tomorrow.  With a boutique PPC management company like Internet Expert Online, PPC management is our passion.  And, it’s how we make our living.  You’ll work directly with a certified PPC management expert, who cares about your business and your results.
  • Long term Contracts vs Month to month - Why would you want to sign a long term contract and be locked in?  What if you’re not happy?  Internet Expert Online works on a month to month basis.  Not happy?  We’ll try to fix it.  Still not happy?  Cancel your service, no cancellation fee or penalties. 
  • Setup fees ?  Some PPC management companies charge initial setup fees, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Our approach is different.  We have no setup fees, and we invest the time and effort to properly research and structure your account for long term results.  Our goal is long term relationships, no short term clients.